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Dentists Albania - Oral Surgery - Odontostomatological surgery

Dental surgery (oral) includes all the surgical operations performed in the oral cavity.

Oral surgery, also called odontostomatological surgery, includes all the surgical operations performed in the oral cavity.

In fact, odontostomatological surgery is a branch of maxillofacial surgery and has largely evolved with modern methods.

Main interventions of oral surgery and dental treatment applied by our dental clinics in Albania.


Extraction of periodontopathic or destroyed teeth, in cases where it is not possible to save them with alternative therapies such as endodontics. in some cases, due to lack of sufficient space in the dental arch, some teeth (especially the wisdom teeth) remain partially or completely submerged in the bone or gingiva, with the result of growing in an incorrect position.
Implantology interventions for odonto-prosthetic purposes and periodontal treatments performed through surgical accesses such as curettage or smoothing of open-air roots.
Extraction of healthy teeth - in cases of dental crowding, sometimes it happens that a patient has an arch too small to contain all his teeth. In these cases it is necessary to extract healthy teeth, usually two premolars.
Extraction of root debris and tooth extraction included: procedure that allows to bring a remaining tooth included in its seat, during an orthodontic treatment


Removal of neo-formations of the oral cavity.

Apicectomy - removal of the apex, tip, root of the tooth for inflammatory problems, if not curable with endodontics
Excision of neoformations of the oral cavity.
Cyst removal - consists of the avulsion of all cystic processes that usually occur on roots or included teeth
Maxillary sinus lift - Sometimes the amount of bone tissue at the level of the maxillary sinuses is increased in order to be able to carry out an implant surgery in order to be able to perform an implant where previously it was not possible. As a rule, autologous bone or heterologous bone is inserted into biocompatible material.
In cases where a small rise in the maxillary sinus is not sufficient, one is used
large maxillary sinus lift when the amount of bone present is very low.
Osteoplasty - Surgical remodeling of the bone, usually necessary before the installation of a prosthesis.
Frenulectomy - removal of the median and lingual frenuli, in the event that these negatively affect the patient's daily life.

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