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Dental care in Albania

Dental implantology is a branch of dentistry that consists of the surgical techniques to insert the dental implants into the bone of the mandible or maxilla, or above it but below the gum, acts in turn to enable the connection of prosthesis, either fixed or mobile) to rehabilitate the masticatory function of a patient who has lost one or more teeth.

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Dental Implantology Albania


Dental tourism in Albania

The periodontics is responsible for the care and prevention of the disease periodontal, more commonly known as “periodontitis” or even more note some time ago how to “involves”. Periodontitis is a scientific term for the inflammation of the periodontium.

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Dental implants Albania

What is a dental implant?

The dental implant is a screw made of titanium alloy that replaces the natural root of the missing tooth. The implants inserted in the jaw bone is applied to the abutment said abutment which supports the crown tooth is screwed or cemented. In this way, it is recreated totally the tooth, from the inner structure to the outer ring.

Dental implants are used to replace complete safety of the missing or damaged teeth. Our dentists in Albania are specialized in dental implants and can provide you with services of high quality to prices very affordable.

A dental implant is one procedure complex. During the first dental examination our dentist will make a detailed assessment of your clinical situation and will formulate a diagnosis based on your previous medical information. The dentist will formulate a plan for dental treatment complete that you must follow in the following months.

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Dentists Albania - Endodontics

Endodontics is a branch of dentistry that provides care endodontium, that is, the space – present within each single tooth where the dental pulp consists of cells, blood vessels and nerves.

The endodontic treatment is a dental outpatient setting that is necessary when the pulp the soft tissue inside the tooth is inflamed or infected for a damage caused by a deep caries, the outcome of the interventions on the tooth, or a trauma that resulted in fracture or chipping, or cracking deep.

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Dental hygiene Albania

When the patient does not carry out a correct oral hygiene can form the cavities, inflame the gums

Oral hygiene at Home, Professional oral Hygiene

Through a good oral hygiene keep away bacteria and we guarantee a better health for our teeth and our mouth.

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Oral hygiene Home care Albania

Aesthetic dentistry

The cosmetic dentistry deals with dental aesthetics, with the terms of cosmetic dentistry you can understand the study and creation of dental restorations, prosthetic achieved through the creation of shapes and colours, and ideals, which, although made necessary by problems dental as fractures, caries or missing teeth, restore or improve the aesthetic appearance.

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Orthodontics Albania

Le terapie​ in ortodonzia che vengono praticate in Albania possono essere chirurgiche o meccaniche;

La terapia chirurgica è necessario talvolta l’estrazione dei denti del giudizio i quali, se non hanno spazio sufficiente rischiano di andare a provocare spostamenti dei denti adiacenti creando disallineamenti e addirittura mal occlusioni.

La terapia Meccanica viene applicata attraverso l’utilizzo di opportuni apparecchi personalizzati, fissi o removibili, che producono dei movimenti guidati...

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Dental prosthesis Albania

What are dental prostheses?

Dental prostheses are medical devices that aim to rehabilitate the oral functions of patients by replacing the original lost teeth with a new one.

Dental prosthesis is a particularly complex instrument and of different types according to the function they assume aesthetic and functional in each patient:

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Conservative TherapyTurism dental Albania

Conservative dentistry deals with the treatment of lesions on the enamel and dentin of the teeth with the aim of restoring normal function and appearance.

Dental caries is a degenerative disease of hard tooth tissues, enamel and dentin.

The infection begins on the surface of the tooth and then proceeds inward until it reaches the dental pulp, causing pain and inflammation.

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Oral surgery Albania

Oral surgery, also called odontostomatological surgery, includes all the surgical operations performed in the oral cavity.

Main interventions of oral surgery and dental treatment applied by our dental clinics in Albania.

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All dental services

Dental prosthetics
Crown on natural tooth
Bridge on natural teeth
Ceramic fillings
Ceramic veneers
Prosthesis anchored on telescopic crowns
Ceramic press
SLM technique

3D intraoral scanner
Digital orthopattern
Intraoral camera
Correction of the ATM
Spectro Shade
Ozone therapy



  • Impianti dentali
  • Corona su impianto
  • Bridge on dental implants
    Temporary prosthesis on implants
    Fixed bridge on 4 plants
    Fixed bridge on 6 installations
    Straumann pro arch
    Semi-fixed prosthesis with bar on implants
    Semi-fixed prosthesis on implants with locator
    Nobel installations
    Straumann implants
    Ankylos facilities

Dental aesthetics

Tartar ablation
Teeth whitening
Teeth whitening with the Laser
Dental jewelry
DSD-Digital smile design

Oral surgery

Tooth extraction
Bone augmentation
Bone Expansion - Split crest osteotomy
Elevation of the maxillary sinus
Removal of the granuloma
Removal of a part of the tooth
Shape of the gingival margin
Extraction of wisdom teeth
Extraction of ingrown teeth
Removal of the frenulum too obvious
Cysts removal
Bone regeneration with blood plasma-PRGF (19)

Six month smile
Fixed device
Mobile device
Orthodontics for children
Ortonozia for adults
First orthodontic examination
Pre-prosthetic orthodontics


Surgery therapy of periodontitis
Regenerative circulatory
Micro-accessible layer

Anesthesia and conscious sedation

Local anesthesia
General anesthesia
Conscious sedation with nitrous oxide
Conscious sedation

Conservative dentistry

Composite fillings
Caries removal with Laser
Pediatric dentistry
Dental splint

Mobile prosthesis

Combined work
Prosthetics with precision attachments
Mobile prosthesis

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