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Dental Implantology Albania


Thanks to implantology we can solve the lack of a single tooth, several teeth or the entire dental arch.

Dental Implantology is a branch of dentistry that consists of surgical techniques to insert dental implants in the mandibular or maxillary bone, or above it but under the gingiva, which in turn enable the connection of fixed or mobile prostheses to rehabilitate the masticatory function of a patient who has lost one or more teeth.


These implants can be of different types and shapes, inserted in different sites with different techniques and then connected to the prosthesis with different timing.

Integrated bone implantology in Albania

The endosseous implantology is currently the most widespread, and uses cylindrical / conical implants threaded on the outside, but with similar internal connection systems for the abutment, screws.

The most famous treatment of this type is All-on-4, one of the most innovative treatments in the history of osseointegrated implantology, the so-called "Toronto Bridge"

What is a dental implant?


A plant is the most modern replacement dental permanent.


The methods of implantology


They are mainly two surgical techniques:

Insertion of the implant, suturing the submucosa , and subsequently re-opening of the mucosa after 2-6 months, and the screw of the"abutment tooth" on the implant

Dental implant Albania

Insertion of the dental implant

Insertion of the implant that is left transmucous, the head of the implant emerges, it will be possible to let or heal (again for 2-6 months) for osseous integration or to load immediately, with a specific dental pillar, in a temporary or definitive way, according to of the cases, the monobloc systems - one-stage systems with immediate loading.


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