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Dental budget online in Albania

Request a quote from the free dentist now. Our dental clinics give the answer within 24 hours, from the moment they received the panoramic radiograph

Fill out the form now to receive a free estimate for dental care

Request a dental quote online


What is a dental estimate?

The dental estimate is a personalized and detailed list with dental treatments and all the costs to be incurred for the dental tour. You will know all costs in advance, the price you will have to pay the dentist the costs of travel and accommodation.

What do you have to do to receive a quote from the dentist?

To receive an estimate from the dentist for dental care you must fill in the appropriate form attaching your panoramic X-ray in digital version with the description of the problems. Radiography is absolutely necessary, but certain problems such as small caries or gingivitis can only be seen in the patient's mouth.

Another way to get a quote from the dentist for dental care you have to send by e-mail your panoramic radiography in digital version with the description of the problems by clicking here

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