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Dental veneers

Dental veneers also known as aesthetic veneers - Description

Dental porcelain veneer

"In dentistry, veneers are thin sheets of ceramic (vitrified porcelain)[1] or composite resins that are applied to the surface of healthy teeth to modify their appearance, colour and shape, sometimes also to modify occlusal parameters[2] Their application is carried out in several sessions, requires the smoothing of the dental elements and requires anesthesia[1] The union between tooth and veneer is done by means of a composite resin cement. A particular type of veneer is the additive or non-invasive aesthetic veneer, also called no-prep: it is an ultra-thin ceramic shell[3] that is characterized by the thickness of a contact lens (0.3-0.5 mm). Because of their thinness it can be not necessary the smoothing of the teeth and therefore not even the anesthesia.[4]"

                                                                                       Taken from Wikipedia


But how do the characters of the show and of the sport to always have a smile so perfect? Unveil the secret: veneers dental!



Veneers dental also called veneers - frequently asked questions

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