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Dental implants in Albania

How much does a dental implant in Albania cost?

Dental prostheses are used to rehabilitate the oral functions of patients by replacing missing natural teeth with artificial dental elements... The total resin denture known as the denture replaces one or both of the dental arches by resting only on the patient's mucous membranes and bone. 

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What is a dental implant?

The dental implant is a titanium alloy screw that replaces the natural root of the missing tooth. A abutment abutment that supports the screwed or cemented crown is applied to implants placed in the maxillary bones. In this way the tooth is totally recreated, from the internal structure to the outer crown.

Dental implants are used to safely replace missing or damaged teeth. Our dentists in Albania specialize in dental implants and can provide you with high quality services at very affordable prices.

A dental implant is a complex procedure. During the first dental visit our dentist will make a detailed assessment of your clinical situation and will formulate a diagnosis based on your previous medical information. The dentist will also formulate a complete dental treatment plan that you will need to comply with in the following months.

The procedure for the insertion of the dental implant in Albania


Modern dental implants are based on the osseo-integration process, thanks to which some materials, such as titanium, come together with the maxilla. Titanium and titanium alloys are the most used metals in dental implants and bones. The period necessary for the implant to join the bone is between 3 and 12 months, depending on the patient's state of health. Our Albanian dentists work with the best materials to make sure there will be no compatibility problems.

The first step consists in positioning the implant pillar with the help of a screw made of titanium designed to replace the root of the missing natural tooth. A crown, dental prosthesis or artificial tooth is immediately fixed by the abutment and the inserted screw, generally cemented or screwed. Dental implants are at the base of prostheses that can be fixed or removable.

Do not hesitate to contact our Albanian dentists if you are interested in a dental implant in Albania.

Dental implants last over time, reaching a duration between 20 and 25 years. In any case, maintenance is very important and the patient must work with the dentist in order to preserve the dental implant. Oral hygiene is extremely important together with periodic check-ups by the dentist. Our dentists in Albania can provide you with specialized advice to prevent dental problems.

If you are interested in dental implants in Albania, our team of professional dentists can help you make an appointment and find the best dental tourism package for your needs. We remain at your complete disposal to provide you with any further information on the various dental treatments in Albania, such as the treatment of the root canal.


In our dental clinics, thanks to the staff of doctors experienced in advanced dental surgery, the removal of implants is carried out with the least invasiveness and the greatest possible safety.
Everyone knows the unsightly effects as a consequence of the lack of one or more teeth, but few know the damage to the bone level and the annoyances related to the chewing that this lack creates. Dental implants obviate these problems by restoring firm and strong teeth with an absolutely natural look, thanks to the use of cutting-edge materials. Revolutionize your life and smile again.

How much does a dental implant in Albania cost?

Dental implants in Albania prices costs. From € 350, a complete arch with 12 teeth on 4 implants starting from € 2950

Surely the main reason that pushes so many Italians to do dental tourism in Albania to make dental implants, are the low prices that offer dental clinics in Albania.

The materials that are used are certified and guaranteed in order to offer the best possible service for all patients, with low costs.

The prices required for dental implants in Albania are significantly lower than those in Italy and other European countries, this allows many people to definitively solve their dental care problems in Albania with savings of up to 60%

To get information about the prices of dental implants in Albania and to get a free and personalized quote you can contact us using the appropriate form by sending us the dental overview. Making dental implants in Albani is possible for everyone thanks to the discounted prices and the experience of the doctors of our clinics that will guarantee you a lasting and definitive work.

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