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Aesthetic dentistry in Albania

Dentists Albania - Who has never wanted to have a dazzling and perfect smile

What is cosmetic dentistry?

The cosmetic dentistry deals with dental aesthetics, with the terms of cosmetic dentistry you can understand the study and creation of dental restorations, prosthetic achieved through the creation of shapes and colours, and ideals, which, although made necessary by problems dental as fractures, caries or missing teeth, restore or improve the aesthetic appearance.


The odontological aesthetic is the set of theories that refer to the concept of "beauty", related to the appearance of a prosthetic restoration. Aesthetics is a set of objective and subjective elements, regulated by the principles on which the concepts of beauty and attractiveness are founded.

The concept of aesthetic dentistry pertains to all prosthetic therapies, considering that the objective should always be the obtainment, as well as an optimal function and biology, also of a pleasant appearance.

Many turn to our clinics in Albania to ask for benefits to improve the aesthetic appearance of their dentition, informed about the latest news in the field of dentistry.

Dentists from dental clinics associated with Albania Dent specialize in aesthetic dentistry make it possible to give back a beautiful smile to their patients and to those who lost it because of teeth stained, fractured, crowded, missing or separated by large spaces.

The harmony of the smile is the concept that best expresses the aesthetics of the teeth, and not only involves the teeth in the narrow sense of shape and color, but also the conformation of soft tissues such as the gums, and the position of the elements.

What makes a smile beautiful and harmonious is often the combination of all these factors, also in relation to other facial features.

It is said that an "imperfect" smile is necessarily to be changed, maybe just a few simple procedures to improve it, identifying which factors to work on.

There are many methods to obtain excellent results in aesthetic dentistry, dentists from Albania Dent choose only the best techniques such as:

Bleaching with laser beams
Air Flow method
The integral ceramic veneers

Laser bleaching - Albania Dent


Laser bleaching - Albania Dent

- This technique is carried out in our detali clinics in Albania, the treatment is painless and makes the teeth absolutely white. This process can be applied both on devitalized teeth and on still vital teeth.

Also in this case, the best equipment is the Laser Smile of the American Biolase. Using this laser, it is possible to obtain an excellent dental whitening already at the first application: the enamel is not damaged at all and the treatment is absolutely painless.

Air Flow Method - Dentist Albania

This is a new method of cleaning and polishing, carried out with a pressure jet of air, water and sodium bicarbonate particles.

During the treatment the patient will simply try a pleasant and fresh lemon flavor. It should be noted that the enamel will not be damaged in any way, while the teeth will become perfectly white! The duration of the treatment obviously depends on the amount of residues to be removed, on average it is about 15-30 minutes.

To ensure a healthy oral cavity, we recommend running it every 6 months or so.

Recall that the treatments carried out within the recommended time frame, guarantee a tooth-free dentition and also avoid the occurrence of gingivitis, periodontitis or caries.


Veneers Albania full ceramic veneer

Veneers veneer veneers - are glued on the outer surface of the tooth, to obtain different results including correcting the space between the teeth and changing their shape and color, resulting in a dazzling smile.

Their operation is simple, after the tooth has been prepared, it passes to the phase of the design three-dimensional computerized where the doctor controls the special equipment that is running in a very short time the impression. Of course, the color of the veneers and ceramic, will be perfectly equal to the colour of the
the teeth of the patient.

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