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Conservative Dentistry in Albania

Conservative Therapy includes all the procedures applied to preserve or reconstruct dental tissues.

Conservative dentistry deals with the treatment of lesions on the enamel and dentin of the teeth with the aim of restoring normal function and appearance.

Dental caries is a degenerative disease of hard tooth tissues, enamel and dentin.

The infection begins on the surface of the tooth and then proceeds inward until it reaches the dental pulp, causing pain and inflammation.


Dentist Albania - The causes of dental caries

There are many factors that cause dental caries;

Sugars, simple sugars and more sticky sugars are the most cariogens. The high frequency of sugar intake maintains a pH of the acidic mouth, and the demineralization is continuous
The habit of smoking.

  • Disharmonic dental arch (crooked teeth), which facilitates the formation of the cariogenic plaque making it difficult to remove.
    Bad eating habits, that is frequent snacks or excessive consumption of sweet foods increase the risk of caries
    Alterations of salivary flow. The saliva fights the caries by tamponing the acidity of the mouth, and has both microbicidal and immune function.
    The symptoms are numerous and varied; sensitivity to the sweet, pulpy pain typical of deep caries.

    The treatment of caries involves the removal of the infected tissue and its replacement with suitable material. In case the pulp involvement is advanced, it will be necessary to remove the damaged tissue and replace it with endodontics.

    To prevent this, it is necessary to wash the teeth preferably half an hour after each meal, since in the first minutes after eating the food the high level of acidity of the mouth predisposes to superficial demineralization.


Another practice of caries prevention is the sealing of the furrows of the first molars in children of 7-8 years. By sealing these grooves with a fluid resin, the tooth is protected from the attack of bacteria acids.

After applying the light-curable composites, they are illuminated with a light of a particular wavelength so as to combine the monomers in polymers. This process is made possible by a molecule that acts as a photoactivator.

The composites are generally materials that must be kept away from saliva and moisture, in fact in conservative dentistry is commonly used the rubber dam which is a thin sheet of rubber on which holes are made, through which the teeth are inserted to be treated. The sheet is stabilized by one or more hooks and possibly by ligatures composed of dental floss. Outside the oral cavity, the dam is supported by a metal or plastic arc that holds it taut.

Albania Dent - Care of caries, prevention and conservative therapy

The therapy of symptomatic and / or cavitated caries consists in the removal of the carious tissue through the use of mechanical or manual instruments, and in the filling of the residual cavity with different materials from the anti-aesthetic silver amalgam to the most aesthetic materials such as the composite ( consisting of resin matrix, inorganic filler, silane coupling, activator), glass ionomer cements, gold or ceramic inlays, depending on the aesthetic and functional requirements.

For caries prevention, it is essential to undergo professional oral hygiene sessions at least twice a year: it is therefore necessary to go to your dentist, who can use a dental hygienist, it is equally important to use daily oral hygiene using toothpaste, toothbrush and dental floss.

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